Insured and Self-Funding Patients Welcome

At Grosvenor Gardens Healthcare, we cater to the diverse needs of all women, welcoming both insured and self-funding patients. We’re a preferred option for those seeking personalised, timely, and convenient gynaecological care beyond the offerings of the NHS.

For Insured Patients

If you’re insured, kindly obtain an authorisation number from your insurance provider. Please note, a referral letter from your GP may be required by your insurer to authorise your initial consultation. We recommend checking your insurer’s specific requirements to ensure a smooth process.

Cancellation Policy

We understand that unforeseen circumstances can arise. However, please be informed of our cancellation policy to avoid unexpected charges. Your appointment deposit is non-refundable for missed appointments or cancellations made within two working days of your scheduled appointment.

Explore Our Personalised Care

Experience the epitome of comprehensive and individualised gynaecological care with us, designed to offer options and convenience tailored to your needs. Our flexible approach ensures every woman can access premium healthcare services that align with their unique preferences and circumstances.


We welcome both insured and self-funding patients. The NHS does a great job looking after the nation’s health, but you may want to choose how, when and where you get your treatment. Insured patients will need to obtain the authorisation number from their insurers. Most insurance companies will entail a referral letter from patient’s GP, before they can authorise their initial consultation. 


Gynaecology Consultation


Combined Consultation and Ultrasound


Combined gynaecology consultation, gynaecology ultrasound and copper coil fitting


Combined gynaecology consultation, gynaecology ultrasound and hormonal coil fitting


Combined gynaecology consultation, gynaecology ultrasound and coil removal


Gynaecology consultation and colposcopy


Gynaecology consultation and colposcopy and biopsy (excluding laboratory fee)


Combined gynaecology consultation and implant fitting


Combined gynaecology consultation and implant removal


Follicular Tracking Scan with review


LLETZ Surgery



Obstetrics (Pregnancy) Consultation


Combined Obstetrics Consultation and Ultrasound (Growth Scan)



Paediatric Consultation



Initial Consultation (60 minutes)


Follow up Consultations (45 minutes)


Mummy MOT (75 minutes)


Baby/Child MOT (60 minutes)



GP Consultation (up to two medical problems)



Gynaecology Ultrasound


Abdominal Ultrasound


Breast Ultrasound (single)


Breast Ultrasound (both)


Early Pregnancy/Viability Scan (with Consultant)


Early Pregnancy/Viability Scan (with Sonographer)


Growth Scan (with Consultant)


Growth Scan (with Sonographer)


Nuchal Translucency Scan


Anomaly Scan


Cervical Length Scan


Pregnancy Scan Package (with Consultant)


Pregnancy Scan Package (with Sonographer)


* there will be a 50% increase in ultrasound fees if twin pregnancy


Panorama +/- DiGeorge


Panorama Full Microdeletion


Illumuna Test


Health Packages

Well-Woman Package


HPV / STD Package


Female Fertility Package


Sexual Health Package for Women


Menopause Package


Well-man Package


Hypertension Review Package


Diabetes Review Package


Asthma Review Package


Healthy Bone Package


Sexual Health Package for Men


Erectile Dysfunction Package


Male Fertility Package


Breast Screening Package