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Comprehensive Colposcopy Services in London

Expert colposcopy services in London at Grosvenor Gardens Healthcare. Colposcopy is a thorough examination of the cervix, the neck of the womb, and is an essential diagnostic procedure for identifying and evaluating abnormal cells. For those in London with an abnormal smear test result, our specialists at Grosvenor Gardens Healthcare recommend a colposcopy to gain a clearer understanding of your cervical health. Serving patients from Soho to South Kensington, our clinic ensures precision and care in this crucial examination, reflecting our commitment to the highest standards of women’s healthcare.

Understanding the Colposcopy Procedure

During a colposcopy, you’ll be comfortably positioned on an examination chair with padded leg supports. Similar to a routine smear test, a speculum will be gently inserted into your vagina, allowing your consultant to access and examine your cervix using a colposcope, a specialised microscope. This enables a meticulous assessment of the cervical cells.

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Biopsy for Accurate Diagnosis

If any unusual or potentially pre-cancerous cells are detected, your consultant may proceed to take a biopsy, which involves collecting a small tissue sample for precise diagnosis. The entire procedure typically lasts between 10 and 20 minutes, ensuring a swift evaluation of your cervical health.

Recovery and Follow-Up

Following the colposcopy, you can go home directly after your appointment. In some cases, particularly if a biopsy or excision was performed, you might experience slight bleeding or discharge. To manage this, wearing a pantyliner for a day or two can be helpful. Your consultant will meticulously review the results, and if treatment is required, you’ll receive clear guidance on the next steps, which may include a large loop excision (LLETZ) to remove abnormal cells.

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