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Comprehensive Well Woman Screening Checks at Grosvenor Gardens Healthcare

Precision Imaging for Women’s Health

Embark on a journey of preventative healthcare with Grosvenor Gardens Healthcare’s Well Woman Screening Checks, nestled in the vibrant heart of London. Our clinic is a beacon of women’s health, offering a spectrum of screening services tailored to the distinct health needs of women. From Chelsea to Knightsbridge and Mayfair, we are open for those seeking proactive steps in their healthcare regimen.

A Warm and Inviting Atmosphere

Enter our clinic to be met with professionalism wrapped in a warm, welcoming touch. Our specialists are dedicated to supporting your physical and emotional well-being in a nurturing environment.

WEll woman package

The Wellwoman is a preventative health screening designed to address the specific health needs of women and identify any early signs of health concerns and manage those concerns proactively. 

Consultation with the Consultant Gynaecologist
An opportunity to discuss your general questions on gynaecology health
Assessment of BMI, Blood pressure, Urine analysis
Speculum Examination and the HPV testing (reflex smear test if HPV positive, free of charge)
Blood Tests
FBC to exclude anaemia, iron levels, liver profile, kidney profile, cardiac enzymes, cholesterol levels, inflammation markers, bone markers, glucose levels+ thyroid profile
Transvaginal Gynaecology Scan
A typical pelvic ultrasound scan is designed to look at your reproductive organs and examine your uterus, womb lining, ovaries and cervix. During this scan, we are able to look for any abnormal appearances.
Evening and Saturday appointments available.

We aim to deliver timely results to reduce anxiety and expedite any necessary treatments.

A Cornerstone for Preventative Care

Grosvenor Gardens Healthcare extends beyond a location; it’s a cornerstone for women across Central and West London seeking premium, accessible healthcare. Our screening checks play a vital role in our mission to serve the diverse health needs of our community.

Expert Guidance and Support

Besides Well Woman Screening Checks, we offer expert consultation on a range of women’s health issues, providing discreet, respectful advice and treatments. Contact us today to book your Well Woman Screening Check.


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Every member of our team is committed to delivering personalised, attentive care, ensuring that your experience at Grosvenor Gardens Healthcare is both comprehensive and uniquely tailored to your individual health needs. Join us in a journey towards optimal health and wellness, where your care is our utmost priority.