Dr Berrin is extremely experienced and professional and I was delighted to discover her clinic in Dulwich rather than having to trek into central London or battle work / appointments in the same day – much more relaxing. I found it very easy to book an appointment and the help and service I received on the dat was top notch. I had a small harmless lump which i needed to have checked again and ideally removed, and this was no problem for Berrin (I had already visited my GP + the NHS Gyno team at Kings College Hospital twice and they wanted to leave it in place, which was proving a risk when exercising and flying regularly) While i was with Berrin I took the opportunity to have a full women’s health check incl blood tests taken and a full scans – I had the scan results immediately and bloods within a few hours. I also needed to ask Berrin a few questions afterwards and she replied very quickly by email. Exceptional service – cannot recommend Berrin and her PA Crystabelle enough. If you have any concerns and have struggled to have them taken seriously on the NHS – I would strongly recommend you visit leafy Dulwich. I’ll be back again soon, I’m sure!