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Prenatal Yoga (Pregnancy Yoga) in Belgravia

Talia is a certified yoga teacher, accumulating over 400 hrs of teacher training in vinyasa, yin, chair and pregnancy yoga. She teaches all levels from beginner to advanced, slow and restorative to dynamic vinyasa flows. 

Talia believes in introducing yoga with a solid foundation to the practice, based on anatomy awareness, strength and alignment, so you learn to build a safe but challenging practice with longevity and progressive strength and flexibility over time. She loves to weave ancient philosophy into her practices, with focus on breath and time for meditation and reflection.

Often a 60 minute class can include a short meditation, pranayama (breathwork) as well as asana practice (postures and sequence). 

She completed her pregnancy yoga training under Alexa Dean, doula, massage and hypnobirth therapist in January 2024 with a passion for helping expectant mothers through their pregnancy journey with ease and confidence. 

Talia will help you develop techniques to increase mobility, flexibility and strength in your body during pregnancy, aiding a faster postnatal recovery and helping navigate the changes to the body and mind both physically and emotionally.  

Yoga can give you the tools to ease pain, promote relaxation and connect you with your birthing muscles, empowering you with confidence and trust in your body. 

Pregnancy yoga classes include:

  • Yoga for second trimester  (12-32 weeks) and third trimester of pregnancy (32-40 weeks)Pelvic floor exercises, strengthening and toning birth muscles
  • Full body stretching and strengthening
  • Hip mobility and relaxation
  • Useful birth positions
  • Deep relaxation, breath work and visualisation techniques to connect you with your baby, useful for pregnancy and labour
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